Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Budding Builder Building Top Secret Webpage!!

I'm building a webpage. But I'm not releasing it's name till it's done. Wow does that ever make me sound like a 5 year old.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Polar Bear Swim; Shoe Explode; Due To Awesomeness!?!

I wanted 2008 to begin with a bang and so I figured jumping into frigid water with hundreds of other lunatics the best way to do that. After a night of wine and music we arrived on the scene. A small pocket of frozen beach on Charlottetowns waterfront. There must have been a few hundred people there.
The worst part of the whole event, was the wait. You know, the apprehension created by, wondering what this insane thing you were about to do would feel like. Like heart stoppingly cold? Do I really want to get wet in the middle of winter?

Finally, the signal was given; we stripped down, someone gave a speech, someone said a eulogy, we received a countdown and.... ran in.

Now, there was a thin layer of ice on the water that the, competitive "me first" types broke with the skin of there legs. My friend Lindsay is a very competitive person. So, her legs unfortunately got all cut up ( as you can see below). We took good care of her. Later administering cotton and cooing noises.

So is it cold? Yeah, I guess, well honestly I was in and out so fast I don't even remember. I did stay under the water for a good five seconds but still... What I do remember was when I was back out of the water my outer body was so cool that the air temperature felt warm in comparison. It felt very nice actually. Everyone was happy and the steam was pouring off our bodies.

Also, my shoe had somehow exploded. I'm guessing it exploded because of the sheer awesomeness of the event.

The Polar Bear Crew 2008.
Lindsay takes one for the team.Fresh out of the drink.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spiderman 3 Review!

This is probably what you feel like you "really" did for two and half hours at the cinema...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Beautiful Baby Blossoms Broadcast Budtime!

Don't stop runnin'
Don't stop gunnin'
Live yer life as a spring has sprung.

It's spring time y'all!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Revamped PEI Hall Table Entered Into Year Of The Craft Juried Exhibition!

The PEI hall table is the product of my final months at Rosemount Technical College. It is the veritable measure of what you have learned after 14 months of teaching and what you can give to the art. Our final projects were conceived, drafted and crafted without direction.

"Here's your wings! Now fly!"

I drafted the plans on the airplane to and from Germany. Jerome wanted me to see some Christmas Markets. Shortest trip ever; like two days. But that plane with a six hour window till Frankfurt gave me focus, and the stewardess took a shining to me and kept bringing me Sleeman's.

I threw in little challenges like mortise and tenons on 45 degrees for the leg and rails. The whole things is quite strong but a skin and bones frame. All dovetails were cut by hand and the legs shaped on a bandsaw and belt sander which was like sculpting wood.

The top is walnut veneer with PEI inlaid in the top in the same veneer. PEI is contrasted solely by the opposing direction of the grain. I always loved the shape of PEI and it suits the long narrow shape of the hall table.

I love this table. Mainly because I made it and thought of it. It is my first real piece of personally created furniture. Iexpressed my artistic ideas and worked my logic.

The paint job is a result of reading about Wendy Marayuma a wood worker artist who has incorporated a lot of colour into her wild creations. I figured if she can paint Mahoganny, I can paint Poplar. I wanted Island colours the Rust colour is obviously for the cliffs of PEI and the blue is ocean and sky. I put on a layer of Red and Then Blue. The I took sandpaper and steel wool and "distressed it", meaning to make it look like it is old, antiqued. So the Rust peaks out from under the Blue. Before distressing happened, the Blue looked like hell. It was practically Teal or some sick colour. Everyone who saw it thru up in their mouths a little. You can see in the below picture. The antiquing really made her look y though. y. The jurying is taking place for the next few days there are prizes and then if they like your piece it is put on exhibition at the Eptek Centre in Summerside for the summer.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Chosen Dog of Ancient Legend Found: Bears Strange Birth Mark Resembling Atlantic Province Island.

Gus, a frappy, frothy, puppy-wuppy, is a very special dog. Special not only because he is a fun loving fido but because he bears the marking of the "Chosen Dog of PEI". Clearly visible on the back of his mane is a white shape resembling Prince Edward Island. The rest of the tireless tail-wagger is primarily rust coloured adding further suspicion and hysteria to the discovery. It should be noted that being the Chosen Pooch of PEI is merely a titular honour. The mongrel has no special powers, will not raise PEI out of its troubles but may visit it some time in the future to pee on its trees, play in its oceans, and sniff Island dog privates.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Boisterous Brunet Brethren Bring Blissful Buzz To Barren Bar!

2 34 oz of beer
1 Irish car b-mb
1 Dr. Pepper Shooter
More beer
Rum and Coke
3 Rev's
The whole clan
The Velvet Underground
Nights like that are once in a blue moon!
We buried her to the hilt. Thank God I didn't call anyone at 3 in the morning.